Our First Show in the books and the feedback was.....

Our First Show in the books and the feedback was.....

When we first launched this lifestyle brand we were trying to determine what sales channels and verticals were going to be the best for us.  We quickly determined that being with and meeting people within the local community would be crazy important.  There is nothing better then direct feedback from the people actually wearing the gear and supporting the brand.  So we got to work...  We wanted to build a booth that was representative of the brand and of high quality.  We went back and forth with a few conceptual ideas, and in the end I believe we did quite well for our first show.  It is not without help of friends, local companies, and opinions of other business owners that the concept came to life quite well (See photos).  

Leading up to our first show we will admit that we had a case of the jitters.  You dont know what to expect, how your booth will look in comparison to others, and most importantly, how will the brand be received.  What we did know is that we had to meet the people and get the all too critical feedback.  Looking back now we were blown away by the positive feedback that we received.  Everyone loved the look, feel, and affordability of the brand.  For our first show and first time putting ourselves out there like this.... it was amazing!  We have a solid foundation and clear direction for the future.

It also never hurts to get on the news for best new products 2019!!!  YEAH!!!

Thanks to everyone the invested in the brand and that stopped by to say hi!

Best Regards,

Team Parway

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