We are here to....

We are here to....

As we begin this exciting launch of an amazing new brand of golf apparel and outfits it is only fitting we tell our story and mission

Parway became alive based on a two basic principles.  First, being the pure enjoyment and relaxation of the game.  Second, being our roots of living in Minnesota.  Our goal is to bring this lifestyle brand to life by combining the everyday golf wear and the feel of northern Minnesota.  Uffda, might sound a little challenging?  Our creativity and key supplier partnerships will make it come alive.

Our inspiration is drawn from lakes, woods, fishing, nature, and other companies before us that have done such a great job expressing this feel.  We hope that as you become more familiar with us, and our brand, you see these two clash of the titans coming together to produce an unbelievable brand.

We will continue to create posts as our journey continues. 

Best Regards,

Parway Golf Team

Parway Golf  

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