Go-Low Golf Scooter

Save $1,300.00

This is the Game Changer!  Experience golf like you never have before.  The feeling that you will get will on this scooter is completely different then a conventional golf cart.  You will get a great feeling of being more free and able to experience more of the golf game. 

The Go-Low Golf Scooter has all the options you will need during your next round of golf.

- Self Leveling Drive Experience

- Heavy Duty Bag Holder

- Cooler

- Self Leveling Drink Holder

- Scorecard and Pencil Holder

- Sand Bottle for Divot Repair

- Mobile Phone Holder & Charger

- Blue Tooth Speaker

- Removable Battery Pack

- LED Head Light

- 3 Speed Option Control


Please call with any additional questions.  We will be happy to help!  Don't miss the opportunity to experience golf in a whole new way.